Top Locations you Can Enjoy in Only $30 a Day:


Thailand is one of the most famous countries in the world when it comes to tourism. Still, the country is extremely cheap and you can spend months in Thailand at $30 a day and even lesser. This is one of the best things about Thailand; the economy remained consistent with its prices even when the tourism industry plummeted. If you stay in a hostel or a guesthouse, ate either street food or cooked your own food mostly, you will still have about $10-15 USD left for the day before hitting the #30 USD mark.


Although the flights leading to the island are usually expensive, but Bali is extremely cheap, even cheaper than Thailand. You can easily find accommodation at as low as $6 USD per night, and the local meal will cost you no more than $2.50 USD. Snorkeling and diving activities are also extremely cheap in Bali.


This country has been a bargain even when it didn’t ht economic crisis, which has made it even cheaper than before. Gyro rolls cost me only $3 USD and a stunning lamb meal was for no more than $10 USD. As for accommodation, you can find a private room for a single person at no more than $15 USD, although you can find even cheaper options. The most expensive day I spent while I was in Greece cost me $60 USD only.